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I love, love these guys! From the estheticians to the Doctor himself. I love that they do not push treatments on you that you don’t need. I love that their honest. And everyone is so friendly. The atmosphere is homey and perfect. Everything is so comfy and relaxing!

Nancy M.

I was refer to this spa by a friend and I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Dahabra and his staff were professional and attentive to my needs. I highly recommend it.

Patricia H.

Ellie at this center is so fantastic! i couldn’t rave about her more!! So sweet, professional, and knowledgeable. She makes you feel so comfortable and is so fun and personable to chat with. Highly Highly recommended for laser and facials! LOVE HER ❤️

Faryal F.

Our Mission Is to Provide You a Professional & Comfortable IV Therapy Treatment Experience

IV Hydration and Vitamin therapy deliver fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV infusion allows for maximum direct cellular absorption. Your body receives 100% of the infused liquids, Vitamins, and minerals.

Intravenous (IV) therapy involves administering fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a vein through a small tube called an IV catheter. IV therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and can provide several benefits, including:

Quick and efficient delivery of medications and fluids: IV therapy allows medications and fluids to be delivered directly into the bloodstream, which can be faster and more effective than taking medications orally.

Rehydration: IV fluids can be used to treat dehydration, which is a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating.

Nutrient replacement: IV therapy can be used to deliver nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, directly into the bloodstream, which can be helpful for people who have difficulty absorbing these nutrients through the digestive system.

Relief of symptoms: IV therapy can be used to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions, such as nausea and vomiting.

Convenience: IV therapy can be administered in a healthcare setting, such as a hospital or clinic, or at home with the help of a healthcare professional.

Overall, IV therapy can be a safe and effective way to deliver medications and fluids to the body, and can provide a range of benefits depending on the specific needs of the individual.

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Our Specialists

Chadi Dahabra M.D.

Dr.Dahabra, the esteemed medical doctor at Beverly Hills Wellness Center& Med Spa as well as Plantation Med Spa, presents an impressive profile that combines academic excellence, specialized training, and a patient-centric approach to medicine and aesthetics….. Read more

Majda Naanaa PharmD  

Cofounder of Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa . Dr. Naanaa received her Doctorate degree in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She went on to open her own compounding pharmacy that specializes in making special medications such as hormone replacement therapy and vet medications. After that , she worked at a clinical research company studying.


 Sheila started off in the beauty industry 16 years ago as a make-up artist for a photo studio, followed by Merle Norman Cosmetics. While working there she was intrigued by-products to actually treat the skin before slapping on the make-up. This is where her love and passion for skincare grew. From there Sheila graduated Aesthetic school in 2008.

Our IV Therapy Treatment Services

Immune Boost

Contains Vitamin

C + B Vit Complex + Zinc


Only $135 with Subscription

Immune Boost Plus

Contains Immune Boost and Mineral Mix (Manganese/ Copper/ Magnesium/ Selenium)


Only $153 with Subscription

Super Immune Boost

Immune Boost Plus and Amino acid blend (Glutamine/ Arginine/ Ornithine/ lysine/ Citrulline/ Carnitine)


Only $162 with Subscription

Alpha Lipoic Acid Infusion

Contains 500 mg of ALA


Only $270 with Membership

$1,250 package of 5

Our IV Therapy Services

IV Iron Infusion

Contains 200 mg of IV Iron mixed in 100-250 cc NS


Only $360 with Subscription

Inner Beauty

Contains Ascorbic Acid, B Vitamin Complex, and Biotin


Only $157 with Subscription

Myer’s Cocktail aka Banana Bag

Contains Vit. C, B Vit. Complex, and Minerals


Only $135 with Subscription

NAD Infusion

$250 for 250 mg

$500 for 500 mg

Great for Antiaging and Energy Boost


Contains B Vit. Complex , Mineral Blend , Pepcid , and +/- Anti-inflammatory


Only $180 with Subscription


Receive hydrating fluid as Normal Saline or Lactated Ringers directly into your bloodstream
A monthly subscription covers it, along with a free Booster shot

Alpha Lipoic acid Infusion

Contains 500 mg of ALA
$270 with Membership
$1250 package of 5

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Our IV Treatment In West Palm Beach

Building immunity in an efficient quick manner when time is of an essence. The different Iv Therapy immune boost mixes are designed to hydrate your body and give you an immediate immune boost without wasting any time.

It guarantees the delivery of all the ingredients into your bloodstream and from there to your cells for quick and efficient absorption.

There are a variety of conditions where IV therapy addresses , including : Immune system strengthening, anti-aging, optimal athletic performance & recovery, metabolism enhancement, hangover & headache relief, cold & flu symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, and dehydration.

It is of utmost important to choose an IV Therapy facility that understands and follows the standard sterility procedure to protect you from the adverse effect of potential infection.

Why Choose Us?

  1. All our IV injections and Medical services are performed by a Board Certified Medical Doctor.
  2. Trust: We are 5-star Rated with hundreds of reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Realself thanks to our amazing customers.
  3. Honesty: we will never up sell you additional services or more expensive ones that you don’t need.
  4. Value: Rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your money as our prices are reasonable and fair.
  5. Authentic genuine products/ Unique products: we use only FDA approved medications from the USA purchased directly from the manufacturer. Also, for our signature facials, we use our products that are freshly made in house using organic ingredients!
  6. Experience: Our Doctor, Aestheticians, and staff have many years of experience.
  7. Safety: Dr. Dahabra and his staff are very experienced with treating complications, they also know how to avoid them preemptively.
  8. Convenience: Our Spa is centrally located just a couple of minutes east of I-95 with ample private parking in the back.
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